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Since having experience as a DIY solomusician myself I know first hand the difficulties involved in doing all the audioproduction steps yourself.

Its easy to get stuck on a detailed task and in the process loose the whole vibe and inspiration that started the project in the first place.

I believe that the future of music production services are in beeing flexible and seeing that all projects are unique and have different needs. Thats why I wanted to create a service that is as simple to use as possible and to the point. A service from your unique perspective where you just describe what you need to get done and I tailor my work accordingly to the task.

The traditional way of offering audio production services is to either do recording, mixing or mastering and no in between. I offer that as well but what really sets my services apart from others is my flexible way of working since you can use my services during the process with the different stages as well.

For example you might get stuck during the mix with a particular diffucult track. Instead of loosing your inspiration about your project you just describe what you need to get done and I do the work accordingly. I can even make a customized video tutorial for you where I go thru the processing I use and the thought processes behind it so you can learn youself.

In that regard I can function as your virtual assistant audio service. Even if you choose to do the diy route you can benefit from my services since there is no point in spending 6 months of your valuable time to figure things out to finish a mix.

Im very humbled by each and every job that comes thru the door and when working with me you get someone who truly cares about your project and all the minutia surrounding it.

My main goal is to help you get your project done no matter the obsticle. This can mean doing everything from mastering, removing noise from a single take recording or enhancing a liverecording.

My drive and motivation is when what I do is of value to others, simple as that.

39 years of age. Been active as a musician, livesound and studio engineer . My musical journey started at the age of 15 and I have been hooked ever since.

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